Friday, December 15, 2017

Michael Hacker Pixies Los Angeles Poster Release

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Michael Hacker just dropped his latest gig poster for the Pixies' concert Wednesday night at the Hollywood Palladium in Los Angeles.

It's a six color 18 x 24" screen print on cream speckletone paper. With a lot of gold!
Signed and numbered AP edition of 75

The image is inspired by Pixies' latest release's title track "Head Carrier". A song about St. Denis of Paris, a 3rd-century saint who was beheaded by a sword and is said to walk without his head for several miles.

Buy it at

Martin Ansin Rogue One Star Wars Movie Poster Release By Mondo

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Last month at MondoCon Mondo released a beautiful variant poster for ROGUE ONE by Martin Ansin. In celebration of the new STAR WARS film hitting theaters this week, they're so excited to release the regular version as a timed edition, available now through Monday (12/18) at 12PM (CT). Poster measures 24x36 inches.

Buy it at

Obey Giant Late Hour Riot Poster Release

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Obey Giant has new release next week featuring a collaboration between Shepard Fairey and Dennis Morris.

Basement 5 were a reggae punk band from London founded in 1978. In 1979, legendary photographer Dennis Morris took over as creative force, lead vocalist, lyricist, and designer of the Basement 5 logo and branding. Fusing their own experiences with punk rage and dub-wise rhythms, together the band explored themes of alienation, 70’s inner-city existence, and what it was like to be a second-generation immigrant. The title of the poster comes from one of the songs "Riot"

Late Hour Riot. 18 x 24 inches. Screenprint on cream Speckletone paper. Signed by Shepard Fairey and Dennis Morris. Numbered edition of 450. $80.

On sale Tuesday, December 19 on in Store under Prints. A portion of the proceeds will benefit Black Lives Matter.

David Flores And Adam Grason Peanuts Prints Release From Dark Hall Mansion

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Dark Hall Mansion, under license from Peanuts Worldwide LLC, welcomes artist Adam Grason for two sweet and charming pieces on Charles M. Schulz's 1965 Christmas masterpiece, "A Charlie Brown Christmas." Adam, like may of their artists, is a big fan of Peanuts, in particular the Schulz Christmas classic, so story was essential to him and his beautifully hued and colorful pieces capture two different moments that, first and foremost, underscore the true meaning of Christmas, while also reflecting the sheer joy of the film and holiday season. Adam's pieces are available in individual 18" x 24" single prints or as a special 2-print gift edition set that includes both prints in 9" x 12" format.

DHM will also be offering artist David Flores' personal take on the legendary Peanuts characters with his official "PEANUTS ATTITUDE" limited edition prints. David, yet another artist who grew up on and very much admires Peanuts and Mr. Schulz's classic body of work, has interpreted iconic Peanuts moments and poses while stylizing each through his personal vision and introducing some of his own unique takes as well. Check out David's Standard and Variant individual 18" x 24" single edition prints or see our Flores gift set which includes all 4 of David's prints in either Standard or Variant 9" x 12" formats for a single gift price.

DHM's official Peanuts "A CHARLIE BROWN CHRISTMAS" and "PEANUTS ATTITUDE" limited edition prints are on sale now at DHM's dedicated store page here:

Standard Edition of 140 18" x 24" $55
Alternate "It Just Needs a Little Love" Edition of 140 18" x 24" $55
*Gift Set of BOTH Grason prints-Standard + Variant-in 9" x 12" format
Edition of 100 $55*

"Conversations from the Wall" Standard Edition of 125 18" x 24" $55
"Conversations from the Wall" Variant Edition of 75 18" x 24" $65
"SNOOPY" Standard Edition of 125 18" x 24" $55
"SNOOPY" Variant Edition of 75 18" x 24" $65
"Charlie Brown" Standard Edition of 125 18" x 24" $55
"Charlie Brown" Variant Edition of 75 18" x 24" $65
"Joe Cool" Standard Edition of 125 18" x 24" $55
"Joe Cool" Variant Edition of 75 18" x 24" $65
*Gift Set of ALL 4 Flores Standard prints or
ALL 4 Flores Variant prints in 9" x 12" format Edition of 100: $75

Thursday, December 14, 2017

David Welker Hat Trick Of Art Prints Release

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Those of you that like hockey knew immediately what I was talking about. Yes, 3 new David Welker prints are dropping on Thursday.

David’s three newest art prints are wildly detailed demonstrations of his mastery with intricate line work. Talking Tree, Way Station, and Tears of a Bone are a set that I'm sure any and all Welker fans will enjoy!

Talking Tree is a 14x16" screen print with heavy, stinky, uv inks. The edition is 150 prints  for $75

Way Station is a 14x11" hand deckled giclee in an edition of 100 prints. $115

Tears of a Bone is a deep impression letterpress on 600 pound Cranes Lettra paper. In an edition of 100 prints and $100.

All of these prints will go on sale at 12 NOON EST at

Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Todd Slater Ring of Fire & Cthulhu Prints

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Todd Slater released some more prints online that he released last month at MondoCon.

The creature featured in the print is Todd's imagining of the H.P. Lovecraft character Cthulhu.  Metallica has an real affinity for Lovecraftian horror and the imagery ended up being a fit.  Says Todd "This one in particular felt like my best work in blending the hard edged style I'm known for with a stippled effect I've been working on for a several years now."

Also while you're on Todd's site check out his Escher's Relativity prints. This was printed with his friends at Studio On Fire using etched copper plates and heated foils. It's the same process used on his Strange Attraction prints.  The last few he did with them have used 3 plates but he bumped the color up for this one to 5. Acccording to Todd "The prints look incredibly dynamic in person; I'm excited for you all to see these. The foils have a reflective/mirrored quality that change under different lighting setups... if you view the chameleon at certain angles the paper will lighten making the chameleon appear inverted, and nearly invisible."

Head over to to pick them up. Also Todd said if you live in the States his plan is to get these out and in your homes before Christmas.

Alexander Hanke Schindelhauer Bicycle Art Prints

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Together with the bike manufacturer Schindelhauer Alexander Hanke released the first run of bicycle themed posters. The aim is to create a print for each model in their catalog to celebrate unique details of every bike. The first batch contains a regular version for the brand itself, one for a bike called "Ludwig" and one for the ladies version called "Lotte“. As fan of the vintage travel and European posters I really dig these.

1st edition: 50 copies each
4 colors on 250gsm Olin smooth paper
Price: 35€
Size: 40x60cm
Available exclusively on their site:

Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Martin Ansin Citizen Kane Movie Poster Release

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Citizen Kane is one of the all time great movies in the history of cinema. The American Film Institute ranks the movie as the greatest film of all time in it's "100 Greatest Movies List". In 1941, a young Orson Welles was given unprecedented free rein to make the movie he wanted to make, and in response he "made the greatest movie of all time" in the words of Roger Ebert and countless other movie critics and fans.

Mad Duck is excited to bring you new officially licensed Citizen Kane screenprinted posters with art by the amazing Martin Ansin! There are three different editions available including a wood variant! Full details are listed below.

Regular - 24x36 screenprint, Hand Numbered, Run of 400, $65
Variant - 24x36 screenprint, 2 metallic inks, Hand Numbered, Run of 200, $85
Wood Variant - 24x36 screenprint, 2 metallic inks, Hand Numbered, Run of 30, $250

The prints go on sale this Wednesday, December 13th at 12PM Eastern time

Nicolas Delort Assassin's Creed: Origins Art Print

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Nicolas Delort is proud to unveil a piece he has been working on for a while, in collaboration with Ubisoft and Geek Art, to celebrate the release of Assassin's Creed: Origins video game. This print features the main character in the story Bayek and the ancient land of Egypt. Having played ACO on the PS4 I can say it is amazing and so much fun. But I still can't kill those damn war elephants.

It is a 40x60cm (ap. 23,7x15,7 inches) , 3 color screenprint, with an edition of 300 on really nice Fedrigoni Woodstock Betula 265g paper.

If you are interested in purchasing, head over to the Geek Art store !

Jay Ryan Jesus Lizard Chicago Poster

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The astounding Jesus Lizard reunites to play a handful of shows one of which is in Chicago and Jay Ryan designed the poster.

According to Jay " I witnessed the Jesus Lizard play on Saturday night some time after my normal bedtime. There was a screaming man falling about in front of a rigid noise machine, and everyone in the Metro was enraptured. I wish you had been there."

It is 18 by 24 inches. Four screens on French cover stock. Signed and numbered edition of 220.

Buy it at